Shoei Z-7: A perfect safe and sporty helmet

Is there race and adventure in you? Go hit the roads at once! Make your ride more convincing with the all new Shoei Z7 that only speaks of majesty. Let not your verve get muffled!

Why Shoei Z-7?

You might have come across the renowned Shoei resilience in your life before. If not then it is time you feel it yourself. Invest in the exquisite masterpiece Shoei Z7 that has all the features of a good helmet. Machine and lab tested to perfection, it meets all the standards set for safety of your head to give you an unworried driving feel.

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Features of the enthralling Shoei Z-7 model

The Shoei helmet was manufactured keeping in mind the lightweight and compactness factor. It has a lively aero-shape that it cashes in on whilst giving you a streamlined unperturbed riding experience. An effective ventilation system to keep things cool inside the lid, Shoei Z-7 also ensures there is minimum noise and you get a safe and tranquil sensation whilst driving your favorite bike.

Different shell sizes

Shell comes in 4 sizes. You can go for the one that fits your head properly without giving you irritation. All sizes meet the ideal compactness and light weight quotient. Adjustable liners will ensure you get the right fit. Stay relaxed as we have one for every head type.


Looking at the aerodynamics, both lift and drag are minimized to a great extent which will ensure the Shoei helmet doesn’t bug you at high speeds. Streamlines are tested in large wind SHOEI Z-7 INCEPTION TC-1 RED-BLACK FRONTtunnel facility which is a simulation of the original force; subjected to extremities in order to check the effect of high speed air on the helmet and whether the neck of the rider stays unaffected whilst driving.

Perfect for sports

A sports full face lid makes riding your bike a sport. That being said, if you are looking to buy Z-7 for sports riding, you couldn’t be making a better decision. These are excellent for touring too. Then again, it is a personal choice.


Things are peaceful inside. When the face shield closes it seals the helmet properly. The design is such that you get a close contact with the shield. An airtight scenario is achieved wherein noise from air invasion is reduced considerably. You get ear pads that can be removed at your disposal. The ear space has a plastic plate that has been put there to avoid echoing of noise.

Shield system

To allow you to feast at the beauty of the nature, a shield system with a huge viewport has been provided in Shoei Z-7. Avail of minimum distortion as the shield packs in improved rigidity and optical characteristics. The opening and closing of the lid too makes for easy handling. A pinlock fog-free vision makes for an improved optical correctness and comes handy during climates where fog becomes inevitable. The Anti-Fog shield of the Z-7 Shoei helmets cover up a large shield area.

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