Enhance your adventure with Shoei X-14

If there’s a ride in you waiting for them roads to show up underneath your tires, Shoei X-14 will be a perfect companion to have. Crush the gravel, move ahead and zoom past every vehicle on the road, and still feel safe. Remember, you are under the aegis of the renowned Shoei company, the Japanese mammoth helmet manufacturer, that leaves no stone unturned in order to press out the best in the business.

Dashing looks

It is impossible to ignore the Shoei X-14 helmet. Sporting a beastly design that will make sure people are going to gawk like insane creatures as you will wave past them. Style that has often been perceived in movies X-14 will literally make you look out of the world. A modish appearance that is basically owing to its rear exhaust structure that streamlines in a perfect way thus allowing the air to cut it perfectly and to abate buffeting. Looks talk of sheer aggression.

Manufactured keeping in mind the racing needs, Shoei X-14 is a bad boy that will let you drive completely safe and unhindered by the effects of nature. Minute detailing in every aspect lets this Shoei helmet bask in the glory of awesomeness.

Features of the Shoei X-14

The comfort helmet

Shaped as intermediate oval the Shoei helmet is a great fit and makes for comfortable wearing. Cheek pads make sure you don’t get swamped under pressure from all sides, and there is plenty of room to allow you to breathe. That being said, you wouldn’t ever feel suffocated in it. The excellent ventilation system reassures that too!

Shoei X-14All four pieces of the comfort liner are replaceable and customizable as per user preference. What is great is the fact that Shoei X-14 is also adjustable from its interior liners. It allows to you move it 4 degrees forward depending upon how you want it to be placed whilst going full throttle. You can position its snaps in a one or two position and it will allow you to get things in motion. So, avail of some extra comfort whilst driving in different positions and speeds by making the inner liner adjust to your preference.

Shell of X-14

You cannot take your eyes off its rear wings which is basically present not only to assist in proper ventilation and assist the rider with the aerodynamics, but to also reduce the effect of buffeting to a great extent. So no matter how fast you go, be assured that the X-14 wouldn’t pull you behind. It also has Vortex enhancers that are extremely useful in tackling with the turbulence whilst riding.

It is SNELL and DOT rated, so safety of the rider is ensured in case of unfortunate unforeseen events. Shoei X-14 helmets are all light weight which allows the riders to have a proper balance whilst driving.

Ventilation is turned up the notch with 5 extractors in the back. Also, featuring is a unique cheek pad venting system that will ensure every area around your head gets proper ventilation.

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