Shoei VFX-W: The safe eye-candy

Walking in the vanguard of exquisite Shoei helmets is the grandeur of Shoei VFX-W. The moment you set eyes on this beauty, you are sure to fall in love with it. With a sporty design to allure you beyond limit, Shoei VFX-W also promises to impart you comfort and safety galore.

The motocross and off-road wonder

VFX-W Shoei helmets were a groundbreaking find in the thrilling world of motocross. It is a great off-road companion that will ensure you have a time of your life and remain safe too. The helmet has been well tested in labs, meets nay exceeds all safety standards set forth to allow you to milk your off-road shenanigans. Shoei VFX-W is a result of some badass R&D and diligent conceptualization. A well thought of product that is universally accepted to go directly on tracks or on trails.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call the Shoei VFX-W as the most evolved helmet. Countless hours were spent in its making. The Shoei helmet incorporates state of the art features that helped it to leave its mark on the pinnacle of the best. Plunge in to find out more:

Improved air intakes and Liner system

With a thoughtful ventilation system to assist you in hard times, VFX-W has intakes everywhere. It is in the chin bar, in the forehead and in the scoops of the liner. To get the air flowing in and out, the dual layer dual density liner plays a crucial role. It routes cooling air and provides it to the top of the head of the rider, right where it is needed the most, thereby facilitating Shoei-VFX-W-TURMOIL RED BLACKtemperature control. There are seven exhaust ports that pull the hot and moist air off the Shoei VXF-W and dispense it out from the rear. The whole mechanism makes the ventilation of the Shoei helmet extraordinaire.

VXF-W uses a synthetic fiber to soak in and dissipate sweat two times faster than the traditionally used nylon. It has a 3D Max-Dry liner system that literally sees to it that your head stays cool whilst you ride. The interiors make use of multi-density foam pads made up of polyurethane that are adjustable. You can also wash them by removing them at your disposal.

Lightweight wonder

It is a lightweight lid that has a proper balance distribution which allows you to avail of a great riding and racing feel. VFX-W imparts you maximum comfort with its AIM+ shell construction made up of fiberglass. High quality organic materials are also squeezed in to give you the best performance possible.


A stainless steel mesh to eschew the dirt from getting in, the Shoei helmet has a sleek mouthpiece that is complement by a washable foam filter that allows only the good things to pass through. That being said, be assured that only cool air will enter, and dust, filth and dirt will get trapped.

Bag this one today and avail of a distraction free riding on trails and tracks you wish to devour!