Shoei Qwest: Drive safe, Vroom in style

Shoei Qwest is one of the best! When it comes to making your country rides thrilling this is the crony to keep. Keeping the endearing promise of the Shoei family into the satchel, Qwest brings in vitality, compactness, safety and pizzazz home, all blended in together to give you a great bike riding experience.

Qwest features to watch out for

One look and you can’t keep your jaws closed. This is the beauty and the beast. A Shoei helmet that is going to give you goosebumps when you are having chats with the wind. Take your bike for a spin wearing the Shoei Qwest and you will know the difference this helmet makes in your adventure.

It is an excellent touring helmet that was built keeping in mind a couple of things:

  • Intended to take care of the weight factor which a lot of people complaint about
  • To decrease the noise around you whilst driving, something which nobody wants even on full throttles
  • SHOEI QWEST ASCEND TC-9 GOLD-BLACK FRONTA great fit so as to not cause any irritation during long drives
  • Maximum comfort allowing you to ease into it, also making you feel relaxed and
  • Protection to make sure you don’t get hurt whilst enjoying your favorite pastime

Qwest has a round oval internal shape that is well suited for heads of all sizes. Keeping things low profile, the Shoei helmet is made up with 4 shell sizes. Whilst coming to its visor department, it incorporates the Q.R.S.A system with the CW-1 visor technology. This again provides you a tight seal that takes care of wind and rain from getting in. A viewport that is extra wide that will let you feast your eye on nature. It masters the SNELL M2010 and DOT ratings to promise you immense safety because life is no joke. Shoei Qwest also has removable cheek pads that are made up of polyurethane foam, multi-layered to impart you luxury inside.

The Shell structure

Milking the shell is its brilliant streamlined design that literally befriends your throttle. Raise the throttle and see for yourself. Qwest doesn’t come in your way of driving smoothly as it allows you to lance the air like a jet. Aerodynamics is further enhanced with the aid of extensive wind tunnel testing. It employs a dual layer EPS liner that works pretty great for sweat and moisture absorption and keeps the insides well ventilated. There are six EPS liner sizes that you can use depending upon your personal requirement. Thus, more fit options are available for choosing. So no matter how big or small your head is, getting easily in Qwest Shoei helmets is guaranteed.

It has a moulded air spoiler that minimizes drag and lift and also dwindles weight pressure on the neck whilst having a high speed affair. Shoei Qwest uses high performance fiber materials and elastic organic fibers thus making the shell a lot more resilient and lightweight.

Get this and ensure your exhilaration doesn’t stop anywhere, and let the adrenaline juices flowing.