Shoei NEOTEC: The daddy of all helmets

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the aforementioned as Shoei NEOTEC is indeed one of the best you could ever lay your hands on. The winner of ZLA Awards as the best in class, NEOTEC qualities are everything you need in a good helmet. It is the ultimate beast and a perfect companion when you are planning quick high speed raids to foreign enclaves or touring across unknown roads.

Plethora of enthralling features of Shoei NEOTEC

A successor of the ever so popular Shoei Multitec helmet which has all the qualities that you want in a helmet, NEOTEC walks in with the right modifications to make things even better.

The shell of Shoei NEOTEC

This Shoei helmet was helmed keeping adventure touring and long distance rides into mind. It has an off-centre tri-composite shell to provide riders a comfortable riding feel. Whilst the shell also ensures safety it minimizes the load quotient to a great extent. Hence, the output is a lightweight product that is easy to carry around without compromising the profound SHOEI NEOTEC IMMINENT TC-3 YELLOW BLACK rearprotection.

Also, the shell is designed so as to house a dropdown visor without reducing the EPS liner’s thickness. It complements the aesthetics of the helmet too, as there is a band that blends beautifully into the Mohawk inlet design meant for ventilation.

Shield and the chinbar

NEOTEC Shoei helmets feature a lock release button that can be easily pressed even if you are wearing gloves in your hands. The best thing about the Shoei NEOTEC is that not only the shield goes up but also the chin bar which is a complete badass. People are going to stare for sure! That being said, it is a seamless 2-in-1 process where the shield goes up without the chin bar, and the chin bar comes up along with the shield that will let you hover with the clouds of pizzazz. Also, the chin bar is the lightweight kind and provides optimal balance when disclosed.

360 degree locking system

The Shoei helmet comes with a 360 degree pivot locking system that ensures buffeting is well mitigated. Also, if you are on your high speed roads, wind doesn’t mess your gear up thus allowing you to carry on unwavered towards your favorite roads. Same holds true for off-road expeditions. Even if the roads go south on you, owing to the brilliant locking mechanism, nothing degrades your riding experience.

Sun shield

Now plunge into the rivers of style with the integrated sun shield that stays hidden unless you don’t want it to stay that way. With a convenient activation switch on its sides that brings the visor down, you can surprise kids with a cyborg like feel. What is also cool is the fact that it cancels out the need to take a pair of extra goggles. Now make that adventure in the sun even more promising!

Also, the field of vision is quite wide that allows you to see the world as it is.