Shoei J-Stream: The protective shield

Spearheading the Japanese avant-garde technology is the alluring Shoei J-Stream series that offers both looks and comfort. A complete package when it comes to delivering outstanding on-road results with perfect aerodynamics, enhanced protection, and full ventilation.

Shoei-J Stream features

To begin with the first thing you might notice from the rad looks of the Shoei helmet is its open face design that is preferred by most touring enthusiasts.

DLV system

Featuring a Dual Liner Ventilation system also abbreviated as D.L.V. the ventilation system incorporated in J-Stream Shoei helmets is extraordinary. There are two layers of liner provided and an air route in between that allows the air to move through easily. Even if you are going slow on your bike the upper ventilation, the wing cortex and the 3D full support inner III together give you a top-notch cooling experience.

SHOEI J-STREAM BLACK FRONTIt has a top class ST air intake and ST Air outlet that make for some excellent ventilation. Sweat absorption pads and the head of the rider remain cool owing to the proper mechanism of both inlets and outlets that work in harmony to keep it cool. The button on the shell can be switched on or off even if you are wearing your gloves.

The fact that the Shoei J-Stream is equipped with an excellent 3D full support inner III system of Hygra ® ensures that you have a great riding experience during hot climatic conditions. If there is moisture it gets absorbed by the inner meshed fabric whilst the rest gets thrown out of the exhaust.

Sensational shield system

An enthralling combination of built-in mechanical shield and Q.R.S.B. it is well integrated with the shell. When the shield is down it creates a swell flush surface that stops air from getting in. Also when closed, it gives you a great noise reduction feel. You get a firm wind protection performance that is quite rare in other helmets in such category.

With a cool mechanism that takes off the shield quickly as and when needed, preferable fog-free tints can be easily installed. The one that the Shoei J-Stream offers is a fog-free wonder itself. It will provide you a clean vision even in seasons like winter or rain.

Cozy J-Stream Streamlines

Providing a covering that is carved to work brilliantly against air, it gels up well with aerodynamics. What is great is that if there is someone sitting behind you, even they will feel comfortable and not irritated by the sudden gush of wind from irregular finishing corners, because there aren’t any.

Compact yet simple shell

Shoei helmets prefer using AIM which is an acronym for Advanced Integrated Matrix. These are Complex layers of Strong Glass fiber and 3D pre-shaped organic fibers that are incorporated to helm the extraordinary shell of the J-Stream. The shell is tested acutely with strong steel cones that are allowed to drop on the helmet from a height to check for penetration. Its curbed surface distributes the impact and the liner absorbs it passing on minimal energy to the rider’s head.