Shoei J-FORCE: Compact and lightweight

Ride carefree wearing the epitome of pizzazz on your head with the all new Shoei J-FORCE. It is a gorgeous lid that speaks volume of the high quality helmets Japanese make. J-FORCE is a plunge into extraordinary craftsmanship and some world class engineering.

Premium open face Shoei J-FORCE model

Shoei J-FORCE is an open face model that gives precedence to safety, comfort and style. The shape of the helmet is edgy which makes it more visually attractive.

Aerodynamically effective

Shoei J-FORCE is subjected to a wind tunnel experiment to check its aerodynamic performance. Drag and lift are minimized by great extents which is pretty great for a helmet. The advanced Aerodynamic performance imparted by the Shoei helmet is just about right to make your riding experience an unmatched hoot. Cash in on its streamlined design by going high speed on clear roads. You will then realize how perfectly the helmet has been carved for speed.

Light and easy to handle

The helmet is quite light when you hold it. So, wearing it you wouldn’t feel much. You make the most of its compactness and lightweight feature as it gives you no trouble carrying it SHOEI J-FORCE4 RED MODERNO RED BLACKaround in your hands. That being said, the overall driving feel becomes A1.

Ventilation system

Featuring a ventilation system that has got grooves and vents in the right places, overall cooling experience of the Shoei J-FORCE is exceptional. More effective air absorption is achieved owing to the well placed holes. In the forehead of the Shoei helmet, you get air intake that channels the air towards a sweated interior pad thereby cooling the head and the pad together using the heat of vaporization. Same holds true for upper air intake that facilitates cool air into the rear head region. A side outlet is also provided in the J-FORCE that allows the rider to achieve a highly ventilated performance in all sorts of speed ranges. The latter also complements the helmet design by making it sexier.

Shield of the Shoei J-FORCE

The face shield of Shoei J-Force extend to the chin region and incorporates a locking mechanism to keep the shield locked when in use. The locking mechanism is located in the left bottom side of the shied. This ensures the Shoei helmet abates buffeting to a great extent. Also, when the shield is in a fully closed condition, the hook from the side shell hangs on it to avoid it from opening during high speed expeditions.

It also packs in an edge design in the bottom side which eschews the rolling-in effect of the wind. It ensures that you make the most of the tranquil interiors too. It features a pinlock EVO lens that gives you a crystal clear visual experience. It is a fog-free product that can be replaced as per the user preference. It comes in handy during foggy conditions like rain or winter. In places where climates change abruptly taking this Shoei helmet as a companion, that takes the pinlock fog-free EVO lens in the vanguard is always a wise decision.