Shoei J-Cruise: Now cruise in style

Ravishing is the first word that comes to your mind when you take a peek at the badass Shoei J-Cruise helmet. It has every quality that you are looking for in a helmet, whilst touring across your favorite lands.

High quality Shoei J-Cruise model

With a name and fame that saw its inception in the year 1959, Shoei is a frontrunner when it comes to manufacturing exceptional helmets. The quality of the helmets they make is top-notch. From the same family of Shoei helmets comes a bedazzling model that is here to stay. Shoei J-Cruise is a variant that is simply irresistible. With an open-face design to keep you forever interested, J-Cruise is some beauty to behold.

Features of Shoei J-Cruise

Keeping in mind your safety this Shoei helmet dons upgraded features that make it one of a kind. With an intermediate oval style well crafted to give you maximum comfort, it is an outstanding ¾ design helmet.

J-Cruise comes with the popular internal sun visor that will assist you where you want the tint to work its magic and hide you from the daunting sunlight. It has a distortion free pinlock face shield that extends to your chin area, thereby covering your entire face. It allows for great unhindered vision. The faceshield is also colossal and is one of the most prominent things that you see the first time you look at the lid. The faceshield also has an integrated air dam which will assist you when you are riding bike at high speeds thereby reducing the battering effect to a great amount. It also deflects wind and moisture thus giving you a great riding feel.

SHOEI J-CRUISE STOLD TC-11 wHITE rED FRONTOptically correct and fog-free retractable visor can be brought in the front-page owing to a cable operated switch that makes for easy movement. Hence, there is no question of the switch getting dysfunctional at all in the long run.

There is a locking mechanism provided at the bottom of the faceshield which goes into the sides of the helmet. It makes the J-Cruise more secure and allows you to ride with the shield down.

Standards are DOT rated which is quite apparent in open faced helmets. Shoei J-Cruise has a fiberglass carbon fiber that is one of the reasons why the helmet weighs really less. You could also see a double-walled gasket protection at the top of the lid that helps in keeping the rain out. So, it is well suited for all climates.

A band in the forehead is quite prominent. Apart from imparting style to the Shoei helmet, it is also responsible for holding the sun visor, outer shell and EPS. It is aerodynamically perfect thus allowing you to go at high speeds unhindered.

Great Ventilation

The Shoei wonder features an adjustable ventilation system that ensures all the air juices are flowing properly and your head isn’t subjected to too much heat. A Mohawk type mechanism which is more popularly known as the shutter system is something that channels the lid.

The interior stays cool and so does you head!