Shoei Hornet: Bringing out your adventure

If there is adventure in you, Shoei Hornet is the perfect company to keep. This Shoei helmet series is a spearhead when it comes to depicting some exquisite Japanese engineering finesse. Avail of the enthralling stylish Hornet model to see the strength, safety and vitality up close.

The Shoei Hornet brilliance

Targeting the adventure touring and dual sports arena, Hornet is a beast when it comes to imparting you exceptional appearance. With a sporty look that complements the brilliance of its streamlined shell, the lid is just right for every climate.

You can use the Shoei helmet in three different configurations. You could either go for visor and shield, or use the shield alone or alternatively go with just the visor. It is up to your personal preference. That clearly insinuates that both visor and faceshield are adjustable and can be used as per your wish.

Shoei Hornet has a wide eye port. It helps in the elimination of unwanted mass from the lid. So, this makes the helmet a little light too. That makes for a comfortable riding experience.

Hornet packs in a round to neutral internal shape. The overall appearance however oscillates between round-oval or intermediate. It fits like a charm. It doesn’t bring discomfort to you when you are wearing it. Also, there is ample space that will allow your head and cheeks to relax in the internal cushions.

It is fairly quiet if you are looking for a noise reduction lid. You don’t even get the whistling noise that is prevalent in other helmets in such category that comes from the top vent.

SHOEI HORNET ADV SEEKER TC-8 ORANGE-BLACK FRONTIt comes with a peak that imparts a rad look and feel to the helmet. You will feel like a pro-biker from MotoGP whilst wearing it. The front side of the helmet protrudes a little bit that further embellishes its aesthetic quotient. It is also done so as to pack in extra safety to the jaw area. So, at the bottom of the helmet this Shoei variant becomes very snug. Also, there is plenty of room in the chin area which is also a great catalyst for super cool ventilation.

Hornet’s fit and finish

Shoei Hornet features a flawless finishing something extremely rare in today’s helmets. Even the construction and the materials incorporated in the making of the Shoei helmet will give you an idea of how brilliant the quality of the product is. There aren’t any rough spots. Move your hand over the shell to feel its smoothness.

Fully Ventilated model amongst Shoei helmets

Looking at Shoei Hornet’s ventilation department the visor itself includes a front air intake mechanism that allows the air to pass through to the top of the helmet. Also, with the chin area tapered into a rad design, there is plenty of room for ventilation. The front features a small shutter that can be opened up whenever you feel you need more air. Two brow vents at the top take care of your extra ventilation requirement. All channeled with the help of sliding switches.