Shoei GT-Air: Biking with pizzazz

Shoei GT-Air is a frontrunner when it comes to acing the dual-sports and street racing category. With qualities coming straight from the anvils of the Shoei family, this helmet model is an endearing competitor to some world class helmets. Shoei GT-Air walks on the principles of contemporary lids and is a downright badass when it comes to imparting safety, ventilation, strength and vitality.

Shoei helmets: Making quality helmets since 1959

The first name that comes to your mind when you think of helmets is Shoei owing to the excellent helmets they make. Shoei helmets are lab tested to yield extraordinary results. They are safe to use owing to the fact that they nail penetration testing to perfection. With outer shells that can bear immense amount of load, every Shoei helmet is manufactured to beat direct steel force hit upon them from a height. Helmed brilliantly by Shoei, the GT-Air is a product of exquisite engineering. With lids that are ravishing to look at, without compromising the quality, the Jap enthralling beauty series is a winner in every helmet category.


With an intermediate oval shaped aggressive design, the Shoei GT-Air packs in all the qualities of a good dual-sport helmet. It has an excellent adjustable ventilation system, state of the art fog free pin lock faceshield and a dropdown optically correct smoking integrated sun visor that comes down with a mere button switching (cable operated). The latter will work like Shoei GT-AIR-INERTIA-TC-1-BLUE-WHITEa secondary goggle to block the unwanted UV rays from hitting your face and at the same time will make you look extra cool.

The head section right underneath the exhaust looks alluring owing to a protrusion design that Shoei seem to have mastered. The design works really well aerodynamically and doesn’t hinder your bike movement at all. Also, the streamlined body of the helmet works pretty great in distributing the energy in case of hits.

Other crucial features    

Features adjustable cheek pads that makes wearing it a hoot. You also get a chin vent that will ensure the oncoming air hits on the shield instead of your face which also helps in improving the performance of the pinlock lens. A double wall gasket is also provided in the Shoei helmet that ensures you make the most of a better seal thus allowing the face shield to fit in the right grooves to give you a proper airtight feel. Not only that but it will also take care of the rain by not allowing even a droplet to seep in. What also helps in achieving a perfect seal is the self-adjustable mechanism provided at the sideburns that adjust to latch on its own. Hence, Shoei GT-Air gives you a great locking mechanism to shield yourself out from the harmful effects of nature.

Enjoy your ride

The main aim of GT-Air is to allow you to enjoy your ride. However short your biking stint is, wearing the GT-Air you would be as comfortable as you could get. Avail of an unobstructed cool riding experience well complemented by the rad lid.