Shoei Freedom: The alluring model

Avail of high grade A1 safety with the brand new Shoei Freedom model that has all the good qualities of the extraordinaire.

Powerful and safe Freedom series

Shoei speaks of Japanese pizzazz with its safe and powerful helmets. Shoei helmets have been engineered to give you maximum protection in case of unfortunate events like uncalled for accidents. These lids have been well tested in labs where steel strikers are used to hit the rigid outer shell of the helmet. The cone striker is allowed to free fall on the helmet from a height of 3 meters to check if the helmet can take the force. Shoei Freedom meets and surpasses all JIS standards to give excellent safety results.

Donning an Advanced Integrated Matrix plus Multi-fiber or AIM +, the structure is well prepped to hold off immense pressure. Its shock absorption liner is capable of distributing load and thus minimizing the impact energy to a great extent. The wearer wouldn’t even feel a thing.

Simplicity at its best

Freedom boasts of a vintage look. It is simple and just downright perfect for cruisers. Even if you are more of a street person, the Shoei helmet promises to complement your personality and will help you to stand out from the crowd. When worn on a bike.

Shoei Freedom packs in complex layers of glass fiber and 3D pre-shaped organic fibers which imbue both grandeur and muscle. With a great retention system that helps you to keep it fastened to you, the helmet makes a silent promise to stay by your side at all times.

SHOEI FREEDOM BLACK FRONTShoei Freedom is a light weight lid that has been manufactured in high rigidity. Freedom is a high quality compact design that cashes in on its protective layering and excellent finishing to come out a victor in its series of Shoei helmets.

Ventilated affair

Freedom is a fully ventilated system that will let you drive coolly. If you wish you can go for an optional face shield. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, as its moniker suggests, it allows you the freedom to choose. If you are simply cruising or using the helmet for mere touring, you can use it as it is without the visor to obstruct your viewing pleasure. There are fasteners provided to make sure you get the shield attached quickly. Getting it unfastened is a quick affair too.

Interiors of the Shoei Freedom series are made with high quality sweat absorption materials that ensure you do not come out of the cool zone. The comfort is reassuring as you get a great feel wearing it. It hardly bothers you when you are putting it on or taking it off. It slides in with maximum ease and you don’t even realize it.

All sorts of colors and sizes are available for your choosing. Avail of a size that fits your head and a color that matches your ride.

Do not ever forget the rules. It is an unsafe world out there! Go for it today!