Arai tour x4: A new offbeat safety helmet

A primordial helmet with conventional basic safety has been thriving boredom among bike enthusiasts since ages. Relax! Opening glance of new Arai tour x4 will surely shiver you with its versatility. Its hybrid design is an eye-candy.

The hallmark of this armor

Lightweight and dual sport

Arai tour x4 has been designed to be lightweight and is perfect for dual-sport. Dual-sport helmets are hybrid, designed for both off-road and road motorcycling. Credited with dual-sport benefits, Arai tour x 4 fuses the hallmark of both off-road and conventional road motorcycling.

Arai helmets tender bikers to armor this helmet with or without peak and visor due to its dual-sport functionality. Bigger visor opening offers sufficient space for goggles and highly efficient ventilation system.

ARAI V CROSS4 VX 4 TIP ORANGE rearThese Arai helmets also proffer a riding posture which allows the bikers to strongly lean forward to have a vigor style. Safety is uncompromised and bikers can go for a soothing expedition in vogue-style.


Arai Tour X 4 can also be customized implicitly from inside out. This cherishes bikers for more profound vogue and comfort during the ride. Keeping in mind personal preferences, snug fit can be used in emergency situations to avoid injuries. Cheek fit can be removed with ease using emergency strips. To offer more trend and style, its headliners are removable too. Bikers can customize it with more colors and structure. Headliners are washable which allows bikers to put the glitter back to this armor. To minimize the turbulence during speed, neck rolls are changed with new ones which offer more friction to the bikers.

ARAI Free flow system

Arai tour x4 is touted with free flow system (FFS) which offers better unmatched ventilation than its rivals. The Arai helmet is sheltered with numerous vents across the helmet and can be adjusted and mechanized with hands covered with gloves on. There are 4 exhaust vents with 7 intake vents of which 9 can be adjusted according to the ease of the bikers. There are diffusers also which pump out air out of the helmet. Two brow-vents on the visor floods fresh air to the temple area. The chin vent works in couple of ways. Closing the chin vent makes sure that air exhaust out from the visor. If chin vent is kept open, more air flows across the face.


These Arai helmets are no less than a beauty pageant, designed with perfection, round, smooth and strong to maintain its durability. This flawless beauty will shear the vogue off the bikers on the street. Be primed to savor the style of Arai tour x4.

Comfort level

Arai tour x4 helmets go through heavy resistance in lab that helps to mould this armor to sustain stainless vigor. Designed with perfection and strong durability, no fields have been left untouched to shower apex comfort level for the bikers.  The new ventilation system FFS puts extra vigor to the series.

In a nutshell, Arai helmet x4 is a complete all road motorcycle helmet which will zeal up you with its beauty, comfort and design.