Arai tour x3: Protective shield

Arai helmet’s astonishing design is the first thing people notice when they have a glance at it.

It’s hard to not feast your eyes from the ravishing grandeur of the Arai tour x3. Tour x3 makes you feel sheltered whether you are in a torrential rain or in endless miles of dust.

Features of Arai tour x3


One helmet for everything! Detachable peak which can easily be fitted over the visor makes it dual purpose. Remove the peak and you have your shelter on normal roads. Put it back on to ready yourself for an adventurous trip. Arai tour x3 allows its peak to be fit without the faceshield. This facilitates bikers who have more inclination towards goggles to make the most of it. Be a sport bike or cruise, a street fighter or off road adventure-riders everyone adores the Arai tour x3. It is easily switchable from adventure touring to dual sport. Shield or peak is easily removable and can be reinstalled in no time.

Enhanced ventilation:

Arai Tour X3 has top-notch ventilation system. It has 7 intakes with 6 exhausts to allow better air flow and cooling. The front intake allows increased air flow while mouth vent system allows fresh air around the mouth area. It also helps to guide air to upward vent to prevent fogging. There are vent controls both inside and outside the chin vent. The exhaust on left and right sides ARAI TOUR CROSS 3 DETOUR BLUE REARhelps to draw more hot air from the Arai helmet. Thus you stay ventilated all the time.

Emergency cheek pad release:

Arai helmets have added a new sensational innovation by introducing emergency cheek pad release. It is incorporated in the Tour X3. Emergency cheek pad release comes in handy to injured riders as it allows easier access. Cheek pads are easily removable via the integrated pull tabs that is built underneath which allows the x3 come off easily. So medical technicians can quickly remove it and get to business.

Renovated Shell:

With the outpouring of new helmets every day, it was important for Arai helmets to remain distinguished from other competitors. That’s why they grinded their experience with research to achieve a new strong, pliable shell in a very lightweight package. The conclusion was fiberglass technology whose main function was to dissipate and flood energy through strength, endurance and impact flexibility.

Refurbished peak:

Arai tour x3 is refurbished to allow better airflow and stability. Even the visor system can be used with both peak and visor, just with the peak or with the peak and no visor. Like a chameleon, it changes facilitating you with your needs. When visor is raised it stays comparatively lower to allow peak to mount lower so that enhanced ventilation can be achieved.

Appearance and look:

All Arai helmets have utterly distinct design and assembly compared to other competitors. It is style oriented with focus to bring substantial benefits to the users. With its impeccable execution and near perfect fit, it stays ahead of the pack.


X3 is a badass evolution of hybrid helmets. Its impeccable design, style and comfort are no match to other helmets in the same range. Have a great ride!