Arai SZ-Ram4 – A Safe Guard

Arai SZ-Ram4 is flawless when it comes to design architecture. Also, the comfort features provided by this mighty shield is high-grade. With a new CLC aerodynamics feature, it comes with all those characteristics that a premium helmet must possess. Owning this guard not only boosts your style and vogue but also safeguards your head with comfort and safety.

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Features of Arai SZ-ram4

CLC (complex lamination construction)

Arai SZ-ram4 has a multi-layer CLC that is complex lamination construction which is developed to be tougher and more rigid. It cashes in on improved aerodynamics too. It has proper dimensions namey longest from front to back and shortest distance from side to side and works extremely well for elongated heads too. CLC offers very low center of gravity. Its hyper ridge adds strength to the bottom of the shell. It also has triple density unit which legalizes pentagon beam shape which manages impact energy very well.

‘Complex Laminate Construction’ also features two layers of ‘Super Glass Fiber’ with one middle layer of composite fiber to form a light yet extremely stiff and strong shell.

Type 10 diffuser ventilation system

Arai SZ-ram4 comes with famous Type 10 diffuser ventilation system which is further studded with complete Arai air wing. The air wing reduces drag, turbulence and buffeting, allowing more comfort to the bikers. It has excellent ventilation that it achieves through free flow system. Ram4 has dual adjustment chin bar belt.

ARAI SZ-RAM4 SAKATA REARThe Arai helmet is blessed with dual front shield vents, dual top adjustment vent on the top of the shell and dual adjustment bridge vents on the back of the shell. All these enable more air flow through the Arai helmet which enhances the comfort level of the bikers. It also has nicely sculpted vents located at the back side which act as exhaust and withdraws air from the helmets keeping the head of the wearer cool. It has also added a ventilated neck roll to keep the air flow up and running across the neck region of the bikers.

LRS quick shield removal system

Arai SZ-ram4 utilizes the LRS quick shield removal system. It enables bikers to quickly remove the vent. It’s very handy as medical personnel can quickly get to it during emergencies. With the help of LRS quick shield removal system, the upper panel can be released easily along with the bottom strap. It also has fully removable liner available in four different thicknesses namely 5, 4, 7, 12 mm. It also utilizes full removable cheek pads in different sizes for a custom fit.

Design and comfort

SZ-ram4 comes with most advanced Fiber glass shell construction comprising of outer shell and inner shell. The outer shell is completely crafted out of several types of super glass fiber to give a more vogue look to bikers whilst keeping in mind the comfort and safety also. The inner shell is to absorb impact from the outer shell.

Overall ram4 Arai helmets have the most contemporary design so that biker’s looks can be maintained without compromising safety and comfort.