Arai SZ-G: Blending stunning looks with safety

Arai helmets are not only alluring to look at but are also pretty great in the strength department. Arai SZ-G is one such ravishing series that is a perfect blend of both qualities.

Multiple facets of Arai SZ-G

It is an open face type of helmet that is great for street usage. You could also use it for sports touring and cruising. Streamlined to perfection it plays great with the wind and makes for unhindered driving experience. It is a lightweight beauty that features fiberglass that is downright strong and sturdy. With its ergonomic shell you get a great envelope type fitting that complements its looks as well as works in harmony with the onward rushing air. That being said, it is aerodynamically very aptly designed.

Powerful shield of Arai SZ-G

Lab tested to perfection, the Arai helmet features an outer shell that has been stress tested by relentless equipments. It goes through the punishing penetration test wherein a 3 kg cone steel striker hits the outer rigid fiberglass after a free fall from a height of 3 meters. Arai SZ-G helmets have mastered all such impactful runs to come out a victor that can bear ARAI SZ-G ALUMINA SILVER REARcolossal energies. The super Adsis ZR type of shield bears and distributes the load on the shell and then allows the absorbing internal liner to create a cushioning effect. This ensures minimal force gets transferred to the pads inside. The skull of the wearer stays relaxed in safety.

Ear cups of Arai SZ-G

If you want you can remove the ear cups of the Arai helmet. You can opt for thicker or thinner ones based on your personal preference. These are also machine-washable. There is room aplenty around the ears and your comfort doesn’t get compromised. You could also use a communication device if you wish as there is space galore.

The beautiful visor

The ally shaped visor of the Arai SZ-G is a delight. Optically enhanced to give you a great viewing experience whilst riding, it gives you less distortion as compared to other helmets. The faceshield is also UV ray protected which means you are safe from the harmful rays of the sun. If you wish to remove the shield, it will easily come off. You don’t need tools to do that. You can avail of tinted versions.

LRS and EPS foam liner

Arai SZ-G features a cool Lever Release System which helps you to get rid of the shield within minutes. It also has multiple-density EPS foam liner that combines three to five densities in a single component. This saves it from the unnecessary overhead of fitting separate pieces together.

Top-notch Ventilation

With great inlets and valves to take care of the air entering inside the Arai helmet, you wouldn’t feel smothered into this lid. The top grooves work parallel to the exhaust thus allowing all the air to pass through. Now use even your glove-ridden finger to switch on the button to get the cool air juices flowing whenever temperature hits you.