Arai S-70: Embrace the vintage

If you are a fan of the vintage, Arai S-70 is just for you. It recreates time that was timeless and lets you don a classy overall appearance. Take your cruiser for a spin wearing the S-70 and you will know what we are talking about.

Arai S-70 features

If you think S-70 doesn’t pack in much, you are wrong. Even though the Arai helmet sizzles in simplicity, there are cool features galore that you are going to simply love. To begin with, it is a semi-covered Arai helmet with a peak which makes for a great cruising experience. You look cool at the same time fall under the aegis of some world class A1 safety. The peak is riveted with strong bolts that not only impart make the fittings accurate and strong but also exhume elegance, thereby giving a unique look to the helmet.

The plain design of the helmet is a beauty to watch. Owing to that you can see the fine finishing on the helmet. You couldn’t stop gawking at the exquisite craftsmanship and engineering of Japan which has sp beautifully revived the antique design.

Arai S-70 Protection

With numerous tests performed on the helmet’s rigid outer shell, strength of the helmet is unmatched. All JIS standards are met by the Arai S-70. Arai helmets stand tall as those that meet standards and surpass them too by creating their own extra set of rules and regulations. All helmets are tested for strength and stability in the labs of Japan. These are quality products that are even sturdier than they look. Arai S-70 is safety standard compliant and will withhold colossal force with maximum ease. That’s a silent promise the Arai family makes.

Cheek pads

Arai S-70 has brilliant cheek pads. They give a cushion like feel to the wearer.  With no face shield in the front it gives you an unobstructed access to the world. Your vision doesn’t get hindered. It makes the overall cruising experience a lot much better.

With a great retention system that skims the surface of the vintage, S-70 is the lid you want for your bike. Once you fasten it, be assured that it is not going to come off unless you choose to unfasten it.

Great for summer

If you wish to beat the heat and stay properly ventilated whilst taking your bike for a spin, S-70 comprehends and listens to you. Get a cool experience driving your favorite bike on the roads of your choice. The Arai helmet will complement your personal driving desires and enrich your riding affair by keeping you thoroughly ventilated and making the insides cooler.


A variety of color options are available for choosing. You could go for solid colors that blend with your bike to look super cool wearing it. If you aren’t really a fan of the plain and simple, and yet wish to purchase the S-70 we suggest you use decals and stickers that rebuff the whole look and feel of the helmet. Then again it’s a personal preference.