Arai RX-7X: The best round-oval helmet

It goes without saying Arai is the best in the business of manufacturing helmets. Amongst the front runner in their series of awesome lineage is the ravishing Arai RX-7X that is a paragon of excellence.

Variable Axis System of RX-7X

Featuring in the vanguard basket is the VAS of the Arai Helmet. VAS is an acronym for Variable Axis System which skims on the surface of quality shielding during accidents. It works on the principles of “Glancing Off” which assists in diverting energy by keeping the head moving. To deal with impact energies that are way ahead of the safety SNELL standards, Arai insists on making helmets that are rounder and smoother. RX-7X is one such model that incorporates the aforementioned qualities and blends them in with the right strength.

So, if you are taking a wild impact into consideration, the Arai RX-7X will act as a buffer to slow down the speed of the impact. The rigid outer shell of the RX-7X helps in the displacement of energy whilst the inner line of the helmet absorbs it thus passing on minimum force to the skull.

VAS is a new shield system that has been designed to get rid of forceful impactful energy intrusion into the test regions. Thus, the shells along the test line at the temples of the Arai helmet are made smoother. Hence, the overall protective capacity of the helmet becomes unmatched.

Side pods and visor locks of Arai RX-7X

New alluring side pods have been included into this design of Arai helmets. These side pods hide the visor-fasteners and keep the looks of the helmet ravishing. If you wish to remove Arai RX-7X PEDROSA rearor replace the visor of the helmet, there is a push button mechanism provided that can be used to dislodge the side pods. Once that is done, you can change the visor as it easily comes off. Refitting the visor is also made easy as there are visible grooves and pins that take the edges in with maximum ease. So, when the faceshield aligns with the visor channel, all you have to do is press it. Using the above mechanism you can easily go for an optional anti-fog pinlock sheet when required.

It also comes with a visor lock setting that features two operational modes. All you have to do is pull the lever and the visor goes up allowing fresh air to get inside. It also allows you to move it then as per your will. If you pull the faceshield down, with a clicking sound the visor locks itself up on the edges of the button. This is further depictive and reflective of the unique VAS system that the Arai RX-7X cashes in on.

Avail of proper ventilation

You can avail of thorough ventilation owing to the easily accessible inlets on the top of the helmet. The button can be pushed even if you are wearing gloves. You get a great exhaust too that ensures the insides are properly ventilated.