Arai Rapide-IR: The sturdiest in the business

With a colossal name in the helmets category, Arai only talks of Japanese engineering finesse. Arai Rapide-IR, a superb ravishing model, walks in the vanguard of such exquisite Arai helmets. Absolutely brilliant for naked bike rides!

Drive safe with the all new Rapide-IR

Planning a road trip or making a bike expedition to unknown lands? Your safety is guaranteed with the enthralling Arai Rapide-IR. Lab tested to bear immense amount of pressure, you wouldn’t get hurt in your head if you are wearing the Rapide-IR and, God forbid, meet an accident. With a protective lid that is basically a Super Adsis I shield it embodies exceptional strength. These Arai helmets are hurled from a height to test whether it can bear punishing collision or not. It is an urban design that provides its riders core protection from unforeseen road calamities.

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The round oval beauty

Popular as the “Ultimate Street Helmet”, Arai Rapide-IR is another round oval helmet that has found its way in the Arai family. It is a street and sport oriented helmet that beats the looks of all others in its category. It cashes in on its Facial Contouring System cheek pads and allows every wearer to ease into it without any hassle. The inlets on the top of the helmet apart from imparting the rider full ventilation also pack in its enchanting look. The overall appearance of the Arai helmet is fascinating as it dons a gorgeous finishing. Rapide-IR features a chin vent to make things really cooler. There is a spoiler included right underneath it that makes things even flashier.

Gorgeous interiors of the Arai helmet

ARAI RAPIDE-IR BOLD PS ORANGE REARThe interiors of the Arai Rapide-IR have adjustable temple pads as well as adjustable cheek pads where adjustment up to 5mm is possible even if you are having trouble tuning into it.

Chin vents features two positions wherein just mere pulling of the switch will change where you wish to receive the air. So basically Position-one vents to the shield whilst the other one vents to the face. Based upon your preference you can adjust the vent position. With proper ventilation inside the helmet, more air can pass through which will save you from getting smothered.

The exhaust fan in the back is downright gorgeous. Not only does it look good, but it works great too. It is aerodynamically designed. With a button switching feature you can cut down the turbulence.

Top IR vents

There are IR vents in the top of the helmet. These chimneys will ensure you are getting proper ventilation inside. An easily accessible switch adorns it, which can be pushed by your finger even if you are wearing gloves. The moment you block it, the interiors become quiet which further allows you to have a tranquil time driving. That being said, it works on plenty of noise reduction and makes your driving experience a great one. So, you can have a quiet riding time with yourself away from the constant unpleasant din of the engines.