Arai Quantum-J: An affair with strength

Arai Quantum-J is a stunning piece of Jap engineering that features a great plush liner and impeccable ventilation system. You wouldn’t get a lighter helmet in the same category. The Arai helmet model is known for its exquisite clean finish.

Digging deeper in a gamut of features

With a tag of Arai in its forefront, Quantum-J has been manufactured with immaculate skills, engineering and craftsmanship. Arai helmets is a world class helmet manufacturer and probably unbeatable in its style and strength. Arai Quantum-J is one such output inscribed in a series of the extraordinaire.

The overall look

It has a round-oval design that looks pretty good for dual sport and touring. If you wish to take the Quantum-J up for sport touring, you could do that as well. There are grooves in the helmet that facilitate proper ventilation. Also, it helps the Arai helmet with the aesthetics. It doesn’t feature the not required peak which you can live without if you wish to keep things simple. The quality of paint and finish will tell you how great the Japs are in presentation. The entire series of Arai helmets literally thrive.

Fitting of the Arai Quantum-J

Nothing fits better than the Quantum-J. It slides in perfectly like a glove. Also, if you are trying to take it out it will allow you to achieve that with maximum ease without getting on your nerves. A snug fit is guaranteed wearing it. You wouldn’t feel a thing. It is a high quality helmet that manifests the class of Arai family.

Thoroughly ventilated

You get rear openings in the Arai Helmet that help you to stay cool during hot days. You get plenty of air flowing through the chin vent which doesn’t get redirected towards the visor. ARAI QUANTUM-J NAKANO FRONTInstead it empties to your face and reinvigorate you to have a great refreshing ride. Its top vents and the liner work in harmony to give you great ventilation. There are buttons provided to let you open the top inlet vents which can be operated upon whilst you are driving. Hence, there is minimal hassle.


Put it on and you will feel the safety speak to you. The shield features a SAI Max-Vision Brow which is stress tested to yield impeccable results. It cashes in on all the SNELL and JIS standards and surpasses them to create its own safety ones. You could go for the optional pinlock sheet as well.

Other features

There is a pull-down chin spoiler that lets you adjust the amount of air hitting you on your neck. This gives you the choice whilst you are driving at variable speed. Some people don’t mind it, but high-speeders do.

Arai Quantum-J doesn’t fog up at all and you can milk in on every empty road to perfection. Give that accelerator a proper throttle and see how great your bike riding experience becomes with the Arai Quantum-J


Invest in this beauty to truly feel how great it makes your bike riding experience.