Arai MZ: A beauty to behold

If you are a fan of Arai helmets then you are going to love the Arai MZ model. Gorgeous in its looks the design is very much inspired and akin to the CT-Z variant.

Japanese Arai Helmets are popular all across the globe due to their exquisite fine engineering. With three decades of experience in helmet manufacturing and design Arai is a name that everybody reveres. The craftsmanship they depict whilst imparting beauty to their products is unmatched. MZ is one such product of Arai helmets that has found its way into the biking world.

Extraordinary strength of Arai MZ

With Japanese engineering seeping into the veins of the Arai MZ model, the safety that it provides to the wearer is top-notch. The series meets, nay surpasses the SNELL standards to come up as one of the sturdiest and strongest Arai helmets to have ever been constructed. It features a super Adsis MZ shield that helps it to attain its extraordinary strength.

Cap body of Arai MZ

Its cap body features the famous PB-cLc construction or Peripherally belted complex laminate construction that is responsible for giving it a spectacular appearance.  The outer shell has been built in such a manner so as to assist the Arai MZ with proper aerodynamics. That being said you are going to experience an unobstructed riding experience. There are grooves on top of the helmet to facilitate proper ventilation, and to bring home that extra bit of style.

Exquisite visor

Amongst a plethora of things that pack in the looks of MZ, the most prominent one is the enthralling faceshield of the helmet model. It is a full face visor that looks downright magnificent. Even though there is no extra jaw protection padding provided, it still appears quite spectacular. The view from inside is brilliant. Your face is visible from the outside as ARAI MZ WHITE REARwell, which further embellishes your overall appearance and completes your rad look.

Interiors of the Arai helmet

Interiors of the Arai MZ is basically embraced by a high fitting interior design which is quite dry and cold to give the biker a cool and comfortable riding experience. These are open for adjustments as per user preference.

Its liner that is located right underneath its rigid outer shell helps in shock absorption in case of accidents. It distributes the load eschewing it from causing any major damage on the hit portion by working on the principle of load distribution. Right underneath that you get a comfort fit padding that absorbs shocks and avoids it from reaching your delicate head. The Arai wonder doesn’t let any harm come to you and you can survive even the most relentless hitting.

A perfect biker companion

Arai MZ is your perfect companion when you are taking your bike out for a spin. MZ walks in the vanguard as a series that is endearing in its looks and provide bikers ample protection. Keeping in mind the safety quotient these Arai helmets are a perfect option if you are planning to buy a helmet any time soon.