Arai MZ-F: Epitomes of strength

If you are looking for strength and vitality in your helmet, Arai MZ-F is the answer to your search. It is a perfect combination of both. Also, it imparts you the perfect amount of safety.

Safety standards

Walking on all those safety SNELL and JIS standards, and even surpassing them, MZ-F is a product of some fine Japanese engineering. The model is a forefront beast that embellishes Arai helmets with its allure and protection. It features a super Adsis LRS shield that ensures that you stay protected in case of any mishap. Tested in the laboratories for high tensile strength its rigid outer shell can withhold immense amount of pressure. The Arai helmet is allowed to fall from a height too to check if it doesn’t break owing to the collision. Passing all such minute testing comes out a brute that is tough enough to handle your on-road and off-road shenanigans.

Interiors of Arai MZ-F

With a high fitting interior to give you a great wearing experience, Arai MZ-F is one of the coolest Arai helmets you could get. Its impact absorbing liner ensures that any imminent pressure gets dispensed evenly on all the areas of the liner and doesn’t concentrate on where the blow was felt. This helps the rider to milk its safety capacity further. The fit padding right ARAI MZ-F SAPPHIRE SILVER REARunderneath the liner turns out to be a delight for the head of the rider as it further cushions all the pressure and dispenses everything evenly.

Cheek pads of Arai MZ-F

Cheek pads of the MZ-F provide the much needed cushion to the rider, and show its magic when the bike is treading on untraversed ragged territory. They are also adjustable, so if you have huge cheeks that stand as barricades whilst you are wearing them, you are still in the safe zone. Remember it’s just the cheek pads that can be detached and not the head interior of MZ-F.

About the faceshield of Arai helmets

It has a great faceshield that allows you to see the world as it is. Made with modish materials that give the visor of MZ-F its necessary strength, it makes for an unobstructed vision. It doesn’t get charred or blemished even with rough usage.

The Application

MZ-F has been manufactured keeping in mind dual-sport as well as touring. If you have a knack for sport touring this Arai helmet is for you. Even if you are purchasing it for general use it would be a perfect buy. You will still look super-cool in it, and it will help you elaborate your style.

The design on the top of the rigid outer shell looks absolutely ravishing. It will help you sizzle in pizzazz as your competitors will try to inquire about your prized possession. The grooves in the head streamline to the effects of air rushing towards you, and help you to beat the wind. This ensures that you make the most of an unobstructed and unwavered driving experience. Buy today to begin the sojourn.