The badass dual-sport Arai CT-Z helmet

You cannot ignore the brilliant looks of the sturdy Arai CT-Z. Its impeccable muscular build is a joy to watch. Standing with pride in the frontline of Arai helmets, the model embellishes the open-face helmet design that is downright perfect for sports bikes.

The mean badass is a beauty that looks absolutely splendid when you are wearing it will all the right accessories. So if you are a sports bike freak, the CT-Z will complement your entire look and make you stand out from the rest of the bikers out there.

The hybrid beast

To say that it is just meant to be used for roads would be an understatement. It falls under the category of dual-sport helmet which is also an open-face wonder that cashes in on some full face advantages. Meaning you can wear it for your off-road upbeat expeditions too. So, if you are planning for a big tour or planning on sticking to the roads, CT-Z is the right product for you.

Vision and Ventilation

You get plenty of ventilation when you are wearing the Arai Helmet. With the help of this broad open-face Arai CT-Z, you get a whole new experience even if you are riding in the sun. The helmet cap or the peak assists you from coming into direct contact with the sunlight. You get a great vision too owing to the ample space it packs in the faceshield. Also, the peak ices the aesthetics of the helmet thereby making you look more stylish and fashionable.

Customization quotient of Arai CT-Z

You can easily remove its interior liners as per your requirement. These are replaceable and can be substituted with the one that suits you as well. The impact absorbing liner has been ARAI CT-Z GLASS MAROON REARmanufactured by keeping in mind the load bearing capacity and has been lab tested to yield outstanding results. You can also opt for a different faceshield depending upon your usage. So, if sun is your enemy and you stay in a sunny zone, you can opt for a darker faceshield. It goes off in a jiffy and you can replace it yourself.

Outer shell of the CT-Z

Special care has been given whilst prepping the outer shell of the Arai CT-Z helmet. Aerodynamics is paid utmost heed as it is something that might stand in the way of blocking the wind. Its exquisite design helps you to lance the air like a pro-biker thereby gaining as much speed as you are aiming to achieve. Also, the strength is unmatched. Even if the helmet falls from a good height it wouldn’t break and continue to sizzle in its awesomeness.

Other CT-Z Variants

Nowadays the Arai CT-Z series comes installed with an integrated corded headsets too. There is a groove in the CT-Z that lets you stay connected to your wild gang whilst you are on the roll. If you aren’t a fan of wires, you also get an option to avail Bluetooth headsets that doesn’t entail the unnecessary overhead of wires.