The brilliant vintage Arai Classic SW helmet

Arai Classic SW is one of the most sought after model of Arai helmets. It emanates a vintage feel which is quite hard to find in today’s contemporary vibes. It is simple yet powerful. A cozy Arai helmet to give you company when you are planning to dawdle on your bike towards the untraversed roads of countryside.

Flaunt your cruiser with Arai Classic SW

The classy appearance of the Arai helmet is something that you have been looking for in a helmet whilst riding on a cruiser. If you have a chopper with you then there couldn’t be a deadlier combination possible. With the aid of this Classic SW you are going to look absolutely stunning on your cruiser.

Follows the SNELL standard

The cap body is a super fiber laminate structure which is abbreviated as SFL technically speaking. It maintains the JIS standard when it comes to strength and has passed every lab stress test for improved stability. Following the SNELL standard to perfection, it has successfully progressed with the Penetration Resistance test and has been tested clear of any drawbacks.

Weight of Arai Classic SW

Classic SW weighs somewhere around 3 to 4 pounds. It is not really that heavy and allows your head to slip in with ease. You do not really feel it as a burden on your head as it facilitates easy movement.

Unobstructed vision

With no visor to block your vision you can see everywhere. Its peripherals stick to your sideburns area thus allowing you to get a proper vantage of the outside world. There is ventilation ARAI CLASSIC SW BRIGHT SILVER FRONTgalore. You wouldn’t ever feel smothered in this Arai helmet ever.

Shield ensuring safety

Classic SW has a very strong outer shell. The impact absorbing liner has been built with enhanced shock resistant materials that ensure you do not ever get hurt in an accident. The comfort fit padding which is right underneath the liner ensures you get a great experience wearing it. You aren’t subjected to a least bit of uneasiness. Owing to its super comfy cheek pads you do not really feel any irritation either. The build is such so as to evenly distribute the force applied in case of accidents. Hence, a single part on the outer shell doesn’t get affected or impacted. The load gets fairly distributed thus minimizing the overall force. The whole design has been built keeping in mind how delicate your skull really is, and how you can avail of both safety and appearance at the same time.

Cool retention system

It has a cool retention system that doesn’t get worn out easily. Even the Arai helmet retention system has been tested thoroughly so that it never stops working even after rough usage. You will literally have no trouble taking it off and fastening it.

Conclusive signing off

With a deadly combination of simplicity and safety, Arai Classic SW is the armour you need to go for in order to care for your skull. This looks pretty rad if you have a cruiser to complement it.