Arai CLASSIC MOD: Safety and style reloaded

Arai Classic Mod is an irresistible beauty series that frontlines the effulgence of Arai helmets.

Introduction to Arai Classic Mod

Japan has a knack for making the awesome. Comes straight from the anvils of the best helmet producers in the world is an extraordinary helmet that guarantees your safety. Featuring a perfect design that cashes in on its right build to give you an experience of a lifetime riding your favorite bike and will literally let you talk with the breeze, the Arai helmet is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship and a result of some intelligent engineering.

Features of Arai Classic Mod

Super strength

Under the hood lies a powerful impact absorbing liner that has passed every stress test to come out a winner. The padding zone of Arai Classic Mod helmets have been manufactured keeping in mind the luxury quotient thus allowing every wearer to bask in the comfort of its cool internal design. It boasts of a cLc cap body design which is an acronym for complex Laminate construction.

Comfy interior

The interior of the Arai helmet series features an Eco Pure interior that is antibacterial in nature. It is super comfortable as it allows you to cradle your head into it smoothly. Even when you are trying to get out of it there is literally no struggle.

Simplicity at its best

Classic Mod with its looks talks of some classy vintage design. You wouldn’t find a simpler design that entails no overhead at all. Simplicity like that of this Arai helmet series is hard to ARAI CLASSIC MOD DUSK COMMAND FRONTfind. Remember the build of the Arai Classic Mod is designed in such a way so as to allow you full comfort at the same time not compromising the safety quotient.

Retention system

Its retention system walks on the lines of the modish. It features a contemporary method that literally allows you to keep your head together. It is quite easy to plug in and allows you to get over the fastening and unfastening process quickly. The retention comes straight from the cheek pads that allow easy accessibility.


The Classic Mod is really durable and will stay with you for a longer period of time. So, be assured if you are planning to go for it since it will be there with you as long as you want it to.

Full ventilation

It doesn’t have a visor or a face shield, as it was basically designed for normal biking experience. That being said, there is no ventilation problem whatsoever. So, if you have a shop to visit or you wish to go for some street riding or food scavenging, or if you are planning to breathe freely and wrap yourself under the blankets of nature, this Arai helmet would always come in handy.

Conclusive feathers

The Arai Classic Mod features a range of colors and patterns to choose from. You can match the right color with your bike so that the colors blend in and give you an overall rad look. This Arai helmet series go easy on your pockets as well, and have been aptly priced if you are planning to grab quality and simplicity at a cheap range.