Arai ASTRO-IQ: The Japanese wonder

How do you wish to be seen as whilst vrooming on your favorite bike? A beast of pizzazz? Well, Arai Astro-IQ makes a silent promise to fulfill your wish.

Extraordinary Arai Helmets

Comes straight from Japanese finesse is a helmet that will take your breath away with its sheer looks. Written in strength and carved with intelligent design Arai helmets are epitomes of safety. They are gorgeous in their appearance and complement your bikes brilliantly.

One product of such fine craftsmanship is the all new Arai Astro IQ, a great frontrunner in the series of mindboggling outcomes of Arai helmets. It cashes in on all the magnificent qualities of Arai and walks in the vanguard owing to its subtle design.

The badass shield

Arai Astro-IQ differs from the ordinary owing to the shield it dons. Featuring a super Adsis I shield the safety quotient becomes unmatched. Shaped in a round-oval style it incorporates all modern materials in its manufacturing. The shield design will make you reminiscent of Corsair V if you have come across it before. Tested in labs in dire extremities the helmet ensures maximum safeguard. It becomes like an immaculate buffer in unfortunate events like accidents and shelters you from fatal pressure. Hence, it gives precedence to A1 protection.

Shield pods have been designed such so as to provide maximum noise cancellation whilst you are wearing it. This is really useful when you are riding your bike in a non-track zone.

Pays heed to the aerodynamics

Astro IQ is quite light and easy to handle. Extra care has been given into the aerodynamics of it. Enhanced enough for minimal wind obstruction it is a charming Arai helmet with a tuned outer shell that ensures you enjoy a great smooth riding experience.

Overall design

Astro IQ flaunts its cap body with peripherally belted complex laminated construction abbreviated as PB-cLc that makes a perfect skull armour. It has better cheek pads that allow your head to slide into it comfortably. There is no unnecessary overhead whilst taking it out as well. Arai Astro IQ comes with an advanced ventilation system that allows you to breathe unhindered. Air can pass easily and it doesn’t smother you or make you uneasy like other helmets out there.

It also features a retractable chin spoiler that can be used whenever you feel the need. It has a removable neck roll that can be used as per the driver’s wish. That being said its cheek pads can be removed for extra comfort. There are different density foams that make the Arai helmet quieter inside and that also help in taking the comfort level a notch up.

The visor allows plenty of viewing space. The peripheral visor sides look splendid as well. Arai Astro IQ has the widest viewing provision as it adds on about 5mm of more visibility to allow for unobstructed vision.


Especially made for street riding, it is an irresistible product lineage that has been doing the rounds. Invest right in and feel the awesomeness speak volume.