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Arai Helmets has been develop in pursuit of elevating the Motorcycle riding experience. There are various Arai Helmet Models showing what Arai Helmets Dream Team have come up with. The makers of this protective gear has a mission and that is to protect and provide maximum comfort to each rider so that they are free from worrying over their safety. Each of these helmets meet safety standards and Arai Helmet models maker see to it that they build 100 percent handmade and strong head protection gear. Actually this is an understatement because these makers actually built a head gear that exceed the expectations of those who want genuine protection while riding. Having three generations covering six decades of helmet design and innovation under their belt they are masters of their craft. Each helmet explicitly embodies their passion towards excellence.



Best Motorcycle Gear

Motocross is a demanding sport and this is not an understatement. Interviews made on Motocross champions often share how grueling their days are. It is actually the love for extreme sports that take these men to the dirt roads. This sport might be physically taxing but, for those who are passionately into these dangerous rides the danger fuels their passion even brighter. Imagine racing through mile-long dirt, sand or clay tracks. These has its fair share of elevations and jumps. In the midst of all these are the risks involve in potential multi-bike pile up. How one does protects the head since it is vulnerable to potential risks? The answer lies in choosing the right gear.
Even the most terrifying road accidents can be prevented with the use of the right helmet. A simple 10 minute ride can be a nice way to ride the open roads however, an ordinary road adventure like this can turn into mishap with the use of the wrong head protective gear. The process of headgear selection can be easy by sticking to a well-known maker like Arai that has been in the helmetbusiness crossing three generations. They will not last long in this business if they are not doing something good with the products that they sell which in this case is an efficient way to ride and protect the head at the same time.
Every rider gets annoyed when the excessive noise can get through their helmet. There are actually some pressure points that can cause any rider for that matter a terrible headache while riding down the road. Any kind of pain and irritation can sap the fun out of riding. It matters when motorcyclists who are passionate about riding will spend a long day on their saddle.

Choosing the Right Size Helmet

With the use of a tape measure place this measuring tape around the prominent forehead brow. This should be above the occipital bone protruding on the back of the head. The measurement includes the hair dimension. The goal is to find the perfect fit. Do this measurement three times getting the average size. It is a fact that not all people are aware of that helmets commonly use centimeters when determining the size of the motorcycle helmet you choose. To test if a helmet is a perfect measure your forehead to see your size. see this chart for help:
It would also help to see the reviews given by riders since this will give a clearer picture of which helmet is applicable for any need. Consider the feedback and ratings given for each particular helmet. After all, the head and all of the organs inside can never be replaced. Choosing the right helmet can be the difference between life and death.
Getting the perfect fit means considering the size of the head of the motorcycle owner. Helmets that offer replaceable interior pads gives potential owners the chance to fine tune these parts to perfectly fit their head. Too much pressure can cause heavy migraine. Too loose straps can cause discomfort. Since the motorcycle keeps on moving, the body moves as well. If the helmet is too loose it might ride down covering the visibility. Accidents can be avoided when wearing the right size headgear. Arai recognizes the need for a helmet to seat comfortably on each unique head. There may be different sizes but, what separates versatile gears from the standard ones is its ability to fit. Satisfied riders are happy riders and no one knows this better than Arai.

Arai Helmet Models

It does not matter if these Arai helmets shall be use for short or longer rides the result is just the same: highly satisfied riders. Each Arai Helmets models are built by hand. Each department handles a specific task to accomplish. The goal is to build a protective gear that will thoroughly protect a family. It cannot be denied that riders can be a father, brother and sister. The motto of this company is to go beyond the industry standard which makes good enough not enough for them. The makers of this gear know the dangers that each Motorcycle rider faces in the real uncontrollable world.
There are some of the circumstances that each rider faces. These are also beyond the scope of testing made on any gear during production. This maker is realistic enough to acknowledge the truth that a good fitting helmet will make a rider satisfied with his or her riding time. Each Arai Helmets models have interior liners and removable cheek pads. These can be customized as well to fit all kinds of personal needs. In this company they put robots out of work because they believe that there are things that robots cannot do and that human hands can do better. Although, in some parts of the production they use technological advances like in cutting the face opening with the use of laser wielding robot and their paint shop does the coating, each helmet is carefully crafted by hand.
A good rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right fit racing cap is that it seats snugly around the crown of the head and not that tight around the cheeks. It will take a few months down the road; normal wear and tear that will make a once new helmet a bit loose in the future. Headliners will break while cheek pads will compress over time. A snug fit means there is less chance of developing pain in any part of the head. Even the most seemingly perfect helmet can fail at times and it would be easier to have these replace. The next stage calls for determining the right long distance touring helmet. It is important to look for the right balance. This means low sound levels when wearing the helmet. The uncomfortable feeling after spending hours on the bike will be magnified when the wrong gear is chosen. Proper ventilation is very important especially in the midst of hot weather. The vents must sit comfortably on top of the head. Thankfully, Arai has this in mind when they develop new models.
There are also some new futuristic materials use to improve on the shell design and construction. Riders often choose a design that has full face or open face configuration depending on where they will ride. The versatility of rider in part will determine the exact model of headgear that they need. Ample protection can be provided as the need arises. While some riders take on long rides and spend more time on bikes than others, this will come into play when it is time to choose the helmet that will compliment this very need. Some potential buyers would love multipurpose helmets that will allow them to wear a gear that can work both on the street and in dirt road.

Astro IQ


Arai Astro IQ

These Arai helmets does not fail to live up to any potential buyers’ expectation. Most of those who were able to buy Arai Astro IQ have given their verdict and that is they all admit that this particular model belongs to their must buy list. In fact, reviews given about Arai Astro IQ has elevated the status of this motorcycle helmet by adding it to the bestsellers circle. This racing cap has been considered as the next evolution in helmet design. The sleek and smart looking design belongs to the ultimate full face street helmets.


Arai Quantum-J

Arai Quantum-J proves that each of the Arai helmet models has complied with Snell M2010 standard. The FCS Arai Quantum-J system has provided optional adjustments on the interior design for this particular Arai helmet. The makers of this head gear use complex lamination to construct the cap body for this model. This particular model is offered in different shades of color and different graphic Arai helmet models. Arai Quantum-J belongs to the elite circles best-selling list of Arai helmets.


Arai CT-Z


Arai XC Ram has evolve and has become Arai CT-Z. on closer inspection there is more that this protective headgear has to offer. Arai CT-Z might carry a high price tag however, with such outstanding physical characteristics and high quality materials such expense is well-justified. The cheek and jaw protection is a plus. Arai CT-Z good solution indeed for a dual sport owners aiming for an open design that provides more than average ventilation.

 Arai S-70

This helmet is known for successfully passing the ventilation test a couple of times over. Arai S-70 is an open-face helmet. Available in three different colors: black, white and silver. Arai S-70 has been given safety certification by ECE and DOT. This great cap is available in different range of sizes from small, medium, large to those who have bigger heads. One of the features of Arai S-70 is that it can be used by both sexes.

RX-7X HAYDEN front

Arai RX- 7X

There are main features that separates Arai RX-7X with the rest of the other Arai Helmet models and these includes the following:
• Has the highest tensile strength in its body cap
• Adjustable air intake
• Sound and rain proof
• Great ventilation system
• Full support for interior comfort especially when the mouth is lowered
• Arai RX-7X offers optional anti-fog pin lock sheet and deodorizing interior

The Arai helmet models where Arai RX 7X belongs to, are the rare breed of the very best that this protective gear industry has to offer. It is actually the immensely strong and stiff outer shell and Arai RX 7X revolutionary ventilation system that diffuses heat that makes these head gear occupy the premium spot. The maker of Arai RX7 does not believe that they have reach perfection which cause them to innovate and improve future


Arai Rapide IR

This helmet has been dubbed as the Rebel in Europe and Arai Rapide IR in Japan. This particular racing cap is inspired by Cycle 10 World Best Winning Ducati Streetfighter. Arai Rapide IR combines fashion and core protection at its best. Arai helmets are known for not following market trends but, rather introduce their version of what a Motorcycle helmet should be. Arai Rapide IR is the ultimate street helmet and here are some features that makes this Arai helmet unique:
• Improve lateral stability
• Front air dam that reduces wind noise when riding
• Large slide gate closure
• Easy access to mounting screws which makes cleaning and helmet replacement easier
• Hydrophobic cheek pads


Arai Tour Cross

Protection against the element of the weather be it riding through harsh rays of the sun or facing cool icicles hanging from this riding gear’s peak this is what Arai Tour Cross is known for. Even those that rides through heavy rain pour or endless dusty roads can appreciate what Arai Tour X3 has to offer. There may be other helmets that are offered for half of this price however, they pale in comparison when place side by side with this Arai model. Arai Tour x3 can last for several years down the line even through miles and miles of roads. This is what separates this helmet from the rest of the riding cap sold in the market today.
Excellent design and efficient protection Arai headgear. This particular model has a removable washable lining and cheek parts. Every owner feels the pleasure of using this gear because they are provided with comfortable shackle strap. The air vents are that effective that there are no issues about the head being subjected to too much head while riding. The materials use are of prime quality.

ARAI SZ-RAM4 KAREN BLACK FRONTThis helmet is primarily known for its safety features. Arai Ram4 is also known for being an open face helmet. This feature alone has dramatically change the way that Motorcycle riders use a helmet which is plus points for Arai SZ-Ram4. This helmet is available from small to extra-large size. In terms of color Arai SZ-Ram4 is tricolored, a smart looking head protective gear. This head gear is an improvement on Arai SZ RAM3. If the previous model is impressive, this one went the extra mile. This is a high performing device.

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ARAI MZ-F SAPPHIRE SILVER FRONTThis is a high performing helmet. Arai MZ is offered at special sale price which makes this a perfect choice for riders. Some new ones have tags. This comes with a helmet bag. Arai MZ-F is known for its MZ style helmet. This is better known as a racing cap for adventure riders. Arai MZ was based on Arai SZ Ram but, this time with a peak. This helmet has glass back and has open face.

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ARAI SZ-RAM4 SAKATA FRONTMade of fiberglass which is known for its strength against the elements of the weather and the environment Arai SZ. This helmet is recognize as a great urban helmet because of its outstanding features. It would be easy to picture riders cruising the urban jungle riding atop this motorcycle. Wearing a good riding jacket and a pair of good looking riding glasses will make anyone stand out even in a crowd thanks to Arai SZ. one of the safest helmet found on the range of open face helmets. Imagine being able to feel protected with open face gear. Arai SZ has robust fittings and free space for ears and speaker installation. This specific model comes with great improvements like it’s easy to remove screen.

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ARAI V CROSS4 VX 4 TIP BLUEArai Tour x4 just like the rest of its kind have complied with SNELL 2010. The interiors offer adjustable functions. The interior for Arai V Cross4 remains dry even when the owner of this cap sweats profusely. All that he needs to do is to have this air dried and he is good to go. Arai V Cross4 incorporates the basic philosophy that Arai is known for and that is great performance to protect not just the head but, the rider as well.

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ARAI CLASSIC MOD STARTS FRONTThose who are concern about their safety and greater comfort when riding can appreciate what Arai Classic Mod brings forth to the table. This has a large star emblem and is an open face motorcycle helmet. The body has complex laminate construction. The interior is designed in such a way that offers antibacterial and deodorizing action. This means those who wear Arai Classic Mod will not face any issues with fouling and such bad smelling headgear thanks to this eco pure feature. Arai Classic Mod are available in different colors with the tell-tale star.

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RX-7X PEDROSA frontDubbed in honor of Dani Pedrosa, a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle rider Arai Pedrosa may be expensive but, those who can appreciation excellent craftsmanship know that Arai Pedrosa is worth every penny paid for it. The air circulation in this helmet is good as with the weight of the helmet. If there are clothes that fits like a glove this racing cap belongs to the elite Arai helmets that literally fits like a glove. Countless riders who show their appreciation for Arai Pedrosa can attest to this fact. We offer Arai Pedrosa helmet in a discount price. One of these hot racing caps that is highly appreciated among Arai helmets.

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ARAI SZ-G GLASS WHITE FRONTArai SZ-G is another version of a popular Arai model. Arai SZ-G is being offered in four different bold colors: white, aluminum silver, glass black and flat black. Each of these colors bravely emphasize what this motorcycle gear is for. The appearance alone makes the price tag something not to be concern about. Being priced under $400 is still affordable in exchange for the features of this safety gear. The price paid for buying a product like Arai-SZ-G is worth every penny. With such unparalleled concept the recent alterations made from the previous model is well-justified. SZ-G has been dubbed as a virtuoso in its own right.

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The Arai brand is known for its great service and fast delivery. Being a great product matters. However, having a good support gives this product an edge over its competitors. This must be one of the best kept secret why Arai manage to stay on top of their game. Buyers will feel the sincerity and honesty emanating from the service that this maker gives. This protective headgear is also known for being lightweight and yet, surprisingly that comfortable. There is simply no loss of words to describe what this gear brings forth. Arai is synonymous with great and safe riding headgear. Some owners call for a quality cleaning kit supplied by this seller for those who purchase any of these head gear.
To sum it all up, even if it looks as if these Arai helmet models look unreachable, in this case looks can be deceiving. No one can blame riders for thinking that what they consider as holy grail of helmets are beyond reach. There is nothing to be ashamed of admitting that for those who want to be in the center of the where the Motocross action is they should know what Arai helmets has to offer. These Arai helmet models have not reach their prestigious rank as the top of the line racing cap for nothing. By intimately knowing more about these Arai helmets riders will know that these are more than just visually stunning racing caps. As the gap widens between the average racing cap and these Arai helmets, no one can blame riders who aspire to own one of these models. Each one has a specific feature that actually adds to the collectors’ value. After getting to know these racing caps there is a clear understanding and appreciation for its value both in terms of protective gear and for its great ergonomics yet practical design. It cannot be denied that there is something special about these helmets. Some who don’t believe that these helmets are the holy grail of racing caps may grudgingly admit their defeat and change their views once they start using these Arai helmets.

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